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We have written hundreds of program and research reports, evaluations, and proposals over the years - most of them as internal documents for clients.  Below is a selection of documents and articles in the public domain.

When Learning leads

This article, by Debbie Castle and co-creator Judy Johnson, was recently published in the May 2018

AI Practitioner Journal.

From Dialogue to Action

Report of a workshop designed and facilitated by David Fletcher to help launch the diversity and inclusion strategy of the Nova Scotia Department of Health.


Facilitating Small Groups

This article based on interviews with four experienced facilitators provides tips for success in process facilitation.


The Empowering Process of 

Co-operative Inquiry

This article by Olga Gladkikh based on a review of 9 years of work demonstrates the power of this social learning approach.


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Embracing the Paradox of Transformative Change

This essay includes a literature review on transformative learning, some reflective vignettes on experiences of a young development professional, and suggestions for integrating social and personal change.


Learning about Resilience

This research article shares what can be learned about resilience from the language and the indigenous wisdom of the Dagara people of Ghana.


Comparative Evaluation for Learning

This extensive comparative evaluation co-authored by Anuj Jain reports on how community-managed savings led approaches in Bangladesh influenced international NGO's.



Have a look at the Radical Education Interview Series - a series of short videos on topics ranging from transformative adult education, to community conflict transformation and peace building, from curating participatory community learning spaces to struggling for health and justice.


Listen to our SPROUTS - CONSCIOUS IDEAS IN ACTION series of podcasts.



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