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G R A D U A T E S'        T E S T I M O N I A L S  From Community Development Leadership by Women Certificate Program

I came here with scattered ideas of what I really wanted to achieve. I knew there was a goal and it had to do with leadership but I had no clear focus about what I really wanted. I am a totally new person now. The course experience is like a new revelation of who I am supposed to be and the capacity potential that burned within me; the course has unlocked them. I now know that leadership starts with believing oneself and then you can be a true leader. I feel different and I now know that I am a leader.

Participant 2011


I set out to be more empowered and to connect with the strength I knew I had inside me. I have learnt that I am a leader in my own way.  Through my life I have understood that I can be good leader. I have become a more effective listener and in doing that I have gained a lot of wisdom from others. I have realized that if you are passionate about your cause this can give you confidence in lifting other women. I have also learnt that leadership is not about being in front but sometimes good leaders are in the back.

Participant 2011


My goal is to be an effective leader, to be able to change perceptions, attitude and behaviors towards women. Even though we live in a world of social injustice and cultural socialization, I want women to be valued for who they are and what they are capable of doing. Change of attitude takes, time, patience and innovation. This class has definitely given me various methods to become an effective leader. It has given me tools for focused self – reflection, it has given me a sense that I am not alone in this mission. I will try my best to take the things I have learnt from this course to my daughter, family members, friends and community that I work in. Along the way I also want to learn from the people I would have influenced and manage to deepen my skills as a leader.

Participant 2012


I am taking with me an amazing feeling of support that I can overcome fear of stepping forth in doing social change. My confidence is growing in my ability to effectively facilitate and speak in public. I have been successful in increasing my international exposure and have gained so much insight into issues going on in the world and gender injustice. I want to continue to learn more. I have seen the importance of networking and I have managed to begin some of the networks.

Participant 2013


I validated my belief that women deliver and that working together we achieve more. And that cross generational mentoring is the way to the future.

Participant 2013


These were my learning: having a conducive environment which enhances learning means one feels respected, valued, safe and free. I could feel a transformational change happening in me right from the first day. The issues and challenges of women are global and I immediately identify with them. The appreciative enquiry setting gave me a big boost on always looking at the capacity assessment of community instead of coming from the needs base. I have begun my global networking skills here and until continue hereafter.

Participant 2013


I am now being called to bring back what I have learnt here to support other women who may not be so privileged. I will share my experiences, practices, methods, activities that can create better communities in particular women friendly environments.

Participant 2014


I will contribute to women’s solidarity within my capacity. I have several leadership positions at my job, at the science community and in my community. I am a respected women in these areas and I feel the need to contribute change. This course is very important to me because it reminded the importance of my feminine side. It brings me joy and happiness to dance again. I feel empowered on my feminine side! Participant 2014


Meeting women from all over the world has greatly inspired me on my leadership journey. I have learnt how to conduct a good dialogue by involving all participants. I have improved my communication skills and I know I would be able to teach my community women to have confidence, whenever they are called for leadership. Preparing methodology, strategies and timing is another thing I have learnt. The eight powers have also made me realize to up them into practices whenever it is necessary.

Participant 2015


I have learnt so much from the experiences of women leaders and was surprised to know women all over the world are facing the same challenges despite our diversity. I have the practical skills now to facilitate, sending my message to create an impact and make change. In a very short period I have been exposed to this rich knowledge and hands on experiences on leadership and am proud to leave here as a changed person.

Participant 2015


Selected Testimonials from course evaluation documents;

Course offered through Coady International Institute, STFX University, Canada

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