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Debbie Castle

Trained as an adult educator (MA, Ed.D.), Debbie now works as an organisational effectiveness specialist. She facilitates groups to explore their strengths and capacity for increased effectiveness.  In this consulting capacity, she emphasises approaches that respect the diversity within groups and custom designs unique learning interventions with each client.  She has consulted with over a thousand groups since 1975, consistently applying the principles of adult education. As a founding partner in People Development Ltd. (1977), she has created authentic opportunities for participation in government, non-government and community groups.  This approach has proven meaningful locally (Atlantic Canada) and internationally.


Her areas of specialisation include:

  • Participatory planning and collective visioning

  • Evaluations for program and project reviews (with a special interest on management and gender)

  • Process facilitation and capacity building for organisational effectiveness (especially workflow analysis and team building)

  • Project design and management

  • Education of trainers and facilitators within their areas of expertise

Debbie’s primary purpose is to inspire and reclaim the integrity, safety and equality of human relationships within groups and organisations around the world so that people can thrive in their work environments.

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