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Diane Fletcher-Falvey

Ms. Diane Fletcher-Falvey has been an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor and advocate since 1981. She has taught in Toronto, Halifax-Dartmouth and throughout the Maritimes. She has taught all levels of ASL and given presentations on Deaf Culture to government employees, the police, library staff, parents of Deaf children, High and Jr. High School students and numerous others.

Ms. Fletcher-Falvey has been employed in a number of capacities including:

·         Toronto Regional Coordinator of Sign Language Programs, Canadian Hearing Society

·         Sign Language Studies Coordinator, Saint Mary’s University

·         Toronto Regional Resource Person, Canadian Hearing Society

·         Workshop Coordinator, Nova Scotia Coordinating Council on Deafness

Ms. Fletcher-Falvey is formerly a Director of the Canadian Association for the Deaf, Nova Scotia. She has been on the Board of the Deaf Advocacy Association of Nova Scotia and was involved with The Disabled Council of Nova Scotia to develop an Interpreter policy for the government. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Society for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians, and has been involved with the Education Committee, Ontario Association of the Deaf.

Diane has been featured on ATV, “Man Alive”, and CBC. Recently she co-produced Maritime Deaf Heritage, a video documentary of Maritime Sign Language and three Deaf Artists, for which she won an award from the Nova Scotia Cultural Society for the Deaf. Diane has an adult, hearing daughter.

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