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eloise burke

My background as a displaced African and Afro-Caribbean-Canadian has afforded me a diverse range of experiences, assets, informed tricks, and high-level skills that are unique to my path. These tools have been deeply and massively evolving organizations for over thirty years. As a result, when I part from an organization, I am never really gone… I continue to be a friend, a colleague, mentor, advisor and in most cases, family member, for years to come. And this is why organizations and individuals continue to work with me; this is why individuals and organizations continue to seek me out.


I have viewed challenges in my personal life as learning experiences and because of this, my positive attitude is contagious, my assertiveness is a love language and I continue to use my experience in change-management, coaching, mentoring, training, facilitation, program and project management to not only make individuals and organizations function more effectively, efficiently, but I help them to find the value of operating and leading out of love. I will always do my best to create teams that feel like families and thus, a work environment that operates out of mutual trust, respect and meaningful and constructive communication. 

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