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Natalie Abdou

I am a community facilitator, theatre practitioner, life-long learner and creative soul who loves to reflect, share and learn alongside others for the purpose of community creation and transformation.   I have spent the last 10+ years connecting and collaborating with diverse communities in North America and Egypt, by co-creating learning environments that are founded upon shared values of diversity, love, respect, creativity, self-expression and empowerment - embracing a vision of solidarity, social justice and change from the inside-out.  Using a range of approaches from popular education, Theatre of the Oppressed and embodied wisdom practices, I cultivate learning that engages the mind, body, heart and soul, drawing on our experiences and inner wisdom for the purpose of community healing, peacebuilding, and capacity building.  It is through the blending of creativity and value-based community building, that I am able to nurture groups in creating space for each other - to reflect, share, learn and heal alongside one another for the purpose of personal, collective/organizational and systemic change. 

 I am also currently collaborating with Branch Out Theatre (Toronto), Bloom Consulting (Toronto), Interplay (Oakland, CA) and various youth activist and practitioners working for justice in Egypt.  I have a MEd in Adult Education and Community Development at OISE.

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