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People Development Limited was formed in 1977 in Nova Scotia. After participation in a workshop focusing on “Education and Program Design’, two community development practitioners

adapted the experiential methodology to respond to and serve the challenges facing local people

and organizations – in government, businesses and not-for-profits.


The challenges at that time included preparing women for leadership positions, creating respectful organizational cultures where all staff and people they worked with were valued for their

uniqueness and diversity, and learning to work from a values-based strategic thinking

process as part of a wider community within the natural environment.


By the mid 90’s PDLTD had grown to a team of 12 full-time facilitators responding to requests

for creative, practical, and people-focused interventions across Canada and in other countries.

We were known for our ability to engage people in approaches and methodologies

that increased enthusiasm and contribution to creating a better way forward.


In 2006, one of the founders Lynn Irlam passed. Debbie Castle as the remaining founding partner

continued this work that inspires and helps others create new spaces, approaches and tools

for responsive and responsible ways of being in the world today.

After decades, the influence of PDLTD has grown from its roots in Nova Scotia to individuals and organizations across Canada and around the world – in Zambia, Egypt, Ghana, Thailand, Vietnam, Mozambique

(and others) as well as many international associations.  

Today PDLTD is a network of co-creators who work individually and collectively with others

in communities and organizations striving for inclusive and equitable change. 

The tried and true approach used in all of PDLTD’s work takes people and organizations

from where they are to where they want to be.

At PDLTD, we desire to inspire through our thoughts, words and actions.

We do this best by working with groups of people who are willing to think through the complexities

of today’s challenges to the simple, yet effective engagement and conversations

that help make things better.


We nurture a network of people around the globe to call upon to help contextualize

reflective, responsive, and responsible initiatives for the well-being of all.

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