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Blessings Dear Friends,


With the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation behind us, let's not stop there. Beyond annual holidays and elections, let us turn our desire for a more just and equitable world into a lifelong practice of dismantling racism from the inside out by committing to anti-racism education, accountability and action.


Join our series Awakening to Whiteness /Embodying Radical Responsibility (in collaboration with People Development Limited ) to start the work of  building anti-racist community to support, encourage and hold one another accountable in the work ahead building and deepening anti-racist practice and   culture.


In this series we will:

•       explore, unpack, and work to change our embedded racial patterns using critical self-reflection and the heart-centered practices of Compassionate Listening;

•       deepen our understanding of the historical, economic, political context of white supremacy

•       practice interrupting racism while coaching one another; 

•       learn how to work with our triggers by building stamina, resilience and capacity to stay with discomfort; 

•       strive to move from shame and guilt to responsibility and solidarity; 

•       explore how to hold ourselves accountable, work to repair harm, act in solidarity and build authentic relationships to and with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) brothers and sisters;

•       commit to working towards transformative justice and sustainable action 


If you're a white person new to anti-racism work or already experienced in anti-racism work and wish to explore a creative, participatory and heart-centered approach- this course may be just for you.  


We will meet on Zoom for six consecutive Wednesdays starting October 27th, 2021 and ending December 1st, 2021. 5:00 to 7pm EST.  Cost $175. A percentage of funds will be donated to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) programs/movements. We are also offering a sliding scale for those who need financial assistance.  

 Testimonials from Past Participants:  

"I have been grappling with questions of racism and white privilege since age 13, and it has been such a rare opportunity and a relief to have open and honest discussions in a well-facilitated group devoted to this topic! I felt a lot of confidence in Nelly and Maureen from the very beginning, and throughout the whole course. Part of this feeling stemmed from them being so honest and real and humble about their own learning paths, while at the same time having obviously committed a lot of time, thought, research and study to the issues. They were able to facilitate a trusting, open community, a "brave space," in just a few short weeks!"

Janette Defacto

Artist/Poet/Professor, Faculty of  Fine Art, St. Francis Xavier


"If we want less violence and racism we have to work with white people to do their work to ‘unlearn, and relearn’ and this course is a great start. Highly skilled facilitators. A course all white folks should take…!” Joanne Tompkins, Professor, Faculty of Education, St. Francis Xavier"


“Maureen and Nelly have big hearts and wise minds so the space always felt safe and respectful. I would highly recommend any workshop they are leading”

Barbara Conyers 
Please contact Maureen St.Clair: to register and/or for further information. Bios below!

Please send to other white identified friends, family, colleagues, coworkers!


Maureen St.Clair  

I am an artist, peace educator, community facilitator, conflict resolution trainer, activist, writer and life-long learner. Born and raised in Canada, with Grenadian citizenship, I have lived and worked in Grenada, West Indies for over 25 years.   I am deeply passionate about connections, entanglements, intersections, unravelling and weaving of relationships and the power of deep receptive compassionate listening in transforming interpersonal and community based conflict.  As a collaborator, I co-create brave inclusive spaces enabling people collectively to do the work of self and community building and healing with a social justice and trauma informed lens.  


Nelly Marcoux has been working in support of Indigenous struggles and social justice in  Guatemala and Turtle Island (in what is now called Québec, Canada) for over 15 year as a volunteer and in a professional capacity. With a background in law and graduate studies in Indigenous Governance, she is seeking to firmly ground her work in right relations and

transformative approaches to social justice. She is currently based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal), on unceded Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) territory, and works for a local Indigenous government.

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