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Darren C. Brown

For over 20 years Darren’s focus has been on co-creating and facilitating harmonious, just and holistic learning within richly diverse communities and organizations.  He works to honour the complexity of natural systems and global institutions, and offers professional services which include participatory research and analysis that result in creative resources and inclusive approaches to experiential learning and change. His intentions are to secure just inclusion, promote equity and advance diverse and innovative learning experiences. Where appropriate, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action are advanced in his professional work. Darren is a trained graphic facilitator and integrates graphic techniques and visual elements into collaborative learning and thinking designs.

Darren’s areas of intrigue include intercultural effectiveness, organizational leadership transformation and cultural competence. Arenas of recent expertise include designing policy dialogue; applying gender-based analysis plus (GBA+); managing for developmental results; and facilitation for ideation and innovation emergence.  Workshops are designed on principles and practices of adult learning. Peer collaboration and coaching, research, evaluation and reporting are integral components of effective intercultural performance and of my consulting work.

He has been working nationally, internationally and interculturally for over thirty years.  All required United Nations certifications are current.




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